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Eldon the Owl - £3.99

Eldon the Owl became the character my granddaughter would fall in love with. My granddaughter Lola was born very prematurely. She is here thanks to the amazing skill of the staff at the premature baby unit. Lola has cerebral palsy and autism, but she also has an exciting imagination. As she has grown a little older she has noticed that she is different from other children. I would never want her difference to be anything but a good thing. She enriches our lives and like all others, is limited only by her imagination.

Eldon is a cuddly Owl that lives on Lola’s bed, Eldons dream is to fly. Just for one night across the sky and over the houses. He wants to be just like all the other owls, together their imagination allows them to live their dreams. 

Despite her autism Lola reads the book over and over. She can’t read but can recite the story. So you see, Eldon helps both me and Lola because we can sit together and she can read me a story. Just like all of the other girls her age.


Harry Hot Dog - Out NOW - £4.99

Harry was a story my husband would tell my son for his bedtime story. Never one for reading books, he made the story up and changed it to suit. Our son was adopted and settling him in was a learning curve for us all. Harry Hot Dog became the story version of himself and he loved to hear about what Harry would do next. Would he win at football? Would he learn to ride his brand new red bike? Harry became our son's channel to clear the way for the next new thing in life.

Our son came from a very different background so everything was new and scary. Harry Hot Dog became the go-to guy. When our son started his new school, Harry Started the night before. 

This is the story of a boy who achieved his dream against all the odds. I wrote the book and drew the illustrations with the intention of keeping it for our son's eighteenth birthday.


Green Bottles - Adult Fiction - £8.99

Mae was a young mum with a young family, a career and partner, her life was good. Her life was to change the day two little girls knocked on her door. 
She was thrown into a world of drugs, betrayal and social services, forcing her to face her worst fears. Defending what she thought was important was to become life's only purpose, making decisions that would change their lives forever. 

Green Bottles was written with the hope of capturing the very different sides of being a mother. What being a parent meant to different people at different ages. It shows another side to life and how our choices and the choices of others affect the map of our lives.

We had adopted our children and I found myself plunged into another world, one that I knew nothing of. Life became a bigger challenge than my naive self had expected. Life choices took on a whole new level of pressure and how we individually dealt with them affected us all. 


Mint - Adult Fiction - £8.99

Charlotte's love life had taken a nose dive, and her best friend was not longer there to support her. 

That morning started out like every other mundane day at work, but fate led her to the top floor of a building to face a world she knew nothing about. A chance meeting would change her life forever. 

Life seemed like hard work, fate led Charlotte to the top floor of a building where a chance meeting would change her life forever.

Writing this book opened up a whole world to me that I had never had to think about before. I wanted to write a book that looked at some of the different sides of suicide. I wanted to show the effect on the people left behind and the people around them. Most of all I wanted to show that it is something that can affect people from all walks of life, at any time and for any reason.

Over the course of the pandemic, I watched as a previously cheerful, loving nurse travelled along the worst path of her life. The most unbearable pain in the world is for a mother to lose her child, no matter the age. She was, is and will always be my inspiration.


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Green Bottles - Gritty drama - With Dark wormholes that drag you in and want more!

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My son loved Eldon the Owl, with an extra hugs at the end to make sure he knows he is special too.

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Mint - WOW - What a read, a rollercoaster of emotions, so much detail, grab the tissues!

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