About the Author

The middle child among three girls, I am a Northerner born and bred. Scarily, I am now middle aged (when did that happen?!). Our childhood three decades ago involved parents with no money and children with unenviable freedom.

School for me was more of a survival challenge than a learning experience. Life lessons were the unwritten timetable. A boy in my class would skip school for days on end to go deep sea fishing with his uncle. Afterwards, the comments of the teachers would be “can I get two fresh crabs when you’re back son?” Education was very different when I was a child…

Ideas of becoming an author were a far away dream and definitely not on the list of occupations that I was to choose from for my pathway into adulthood. 

With an enormous sense of pride, I am a nurse and have been for well over two decades. I have had the privilege of meeting and nursing the most extraordinary everyday people, watching in amazement as nurses have made people feel better in the darkest of times and made each other laugh  when laughter is all that can help. I have learned from the best.

I have met people from all walks of life and who have lived lives few of us would ever dream of. The older I become, the more I find people’s stories fascinating. Watching when and how people make decisions in life and how the cards they are dealt provoke different emotions that are beyond day-to-day life.

For me, becoming a writer was a path of learning to believe in myself (I am still on that path…it is not smooth.)  I love to get lost in a book and hear stories to become so drawn in that I need to know more and keep reading.

Now, at this age in life…. I want to keep writing.