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A gritty fiction romance novel about loss and love that really makes you see life in a new light...

"Charlotte's love life had taken a nose dive, and her best friend was not longer there to support her. 

Life seemed like hard work. That morning started out like every other mundane day at work, but fate lead her to the top floor of a building to face a world she knew nothing about.

A chance meeting would change her life forever..."

Writing this book opened up a whole world to me that I had never had to think about before. I wanted to show the effect on the people left behind and the people around them as well as show that it is something that can affect people from all walks of life, at any time and for any reason.

Over the course of the pandemic, I watched as a previously cheerful, loving nurse travelled along the worst path of her life. The most unbearable pain in the world is for a mother to lose her child, no matter the age. She was, is and will always be my inspiration.

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